A photo of Katie Dominy & Alex Brownless, co-founders of Arts Thread

Upgrade Yourself: Emerging Talent with Arts Thread

02 Jul 2020

The latest Upgrade Yourself featured Alex Brownless & Katie Dominy, co-founders of ARTSTHREAD, who offered practical advice and shared personal stories from their own creative journeys whilst introducing us to their innovative digital platform. 

 Watch Alex & Katie's online session below and hear how their organisation grew into the world's leading digital platform for emerging designers & artists. The pair discuss their platform and how it offers portfolio coverage, competitions, lots of opportunities and practical guides across all areas to support and develop emerging talent. Tonnes of inspiration and top tips, be sure to take notes, sit back & enjoy! 

Alex's Top Tips and Practical Advice

  • Believe in yourself   
  • Do your research before you apply or approach a contact or company. Want to get someone's attention? Sometimes writing a letter can be more impactful than an email. Consider the paper quality, colour of envelope; it can feel good to receive mail in the post 
  • The thought process can be more exciting than the outcome – there is value in mood boards, sketches and technical drawings etc. 
  • The more proactive you are, the more of an asset you will become. 
  • Embrace new tools, new technologies, be steadfast in your approach.  
  • Peoples skill and people process is key. Have manners and remember that professional practice and etiquette will build and solidify working relationships. 


Katie's Top Tips and Practical Advice

  • You are only here once, work hard and make the best of it. 
  • Don't be afraid to change your career at any time. Try new things, find new routes, diversify your output and experiences 
  • Make sure to use and promote your work and ideas with industry standard images, make sure these are the best specification possible; always avoid pixelated, overly dark or blurry images. 
  • The art of delegation is key for success and productivity. 
  • Be disciplined and stay organised, find tools to help you, such as spread sheets and Google drives. 
  • Remember the importance of cross-promotion, work with others and support each other, build collectives, and collaborate  
  • If you do not know how to do something, find someone who does and reach out to them 


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