A still from a film by Iggy London. It shows a Black man, loking into a mirror, where we can see a reflection of his face.

Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration | Exploring Personal Narratives and Visual Poetry with Iggy London

08 Dec 2020

Filmmaker Iggy London joined us to share some of his most personal and thoughtful film projects, plus insights into his career route to becoming a film director, as part of Upgrade Yourself online.

In this film-based Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration session, Iggy London talked openly about his artistic practice and some of his inspirations and working methods when approaching film, TV and short form content.

The session covered Iggy’s processes making films, as well as the importance of strong and thorough visual research with lasting purpose and authenticity. Touching on the beauty and emotion in building a storyline, Iggy also spoke about the importance of absorbing inspiration. As well as film work, Iggy creates and collaborates for various brands across the creative industries, so he offered advice on how to hone the audience’s ideas too.

Iggy London is an award-winning British filmmaker, known for his distinctive style and creative approach to storytelling. Emerging at the height of the post-Moonlight cultural zeitgeist, his films are emotionally dense and touch on themes of identity.

Iggy is committed to creating works that shift the boundaries of cinema, culture and beyond. His debut short film Black Boys Don’t Cry investigates stereotypical notions of masculinity. In 2018, he released Velvet, which won Best Experimental Film at the Thunderdance Cannes Film Festival. This year he released a coming-of-age film, Rite of Passage, which was commissioned by Nowness.

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