Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Upgrade Yourself: Process | Approaching Fashion Research and Styling with Jeanie Annan-Lewin

02 Mar 2021

In this fashion-focused process workshop, fashion director and stylist Jeanie Annan-Lewin shared her working processes and tips on how to build your network, as well as how to approach creative / commercial clients and projects. 

Jeanie talked us through her journey to-date in the ever-evolving fashion industry; as a stylist and image-auteur working between art, music and creative direction. She also revealed insider insight from her current role as Fashion Director of recently launched publication, The Perfect Magazine.

Jeanie’s relationship of communicating with the body and clothes is embedded by her in-depth approach to strong visual research, fully exploring the possibilities within fashion styling. Through storytelling, creating narratives and working across teams, Jeanie is able to respond brilliantly to professional briefs for high-end clients, and editorial outcomes whilst retaining her core work values and aesthetic. 

In this session Jeanie covered topics around:
•    Her journey into the fashion and wider creative industries
•    Research processes
•    Finding your aesthetic and evolving your ideas
•    Working as collaborator and co-creator
•    Approaching storytelling and fashion editorial
•    Jeanie’s mantra: ‘persistence beats resistance’.

About Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Jeanie is a London based freelance fashion editor and consultant who has contributed to numerous fashion and music magazines and collaborated with several exciting brands.

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