Hannah Diamond

Upgrade Yourself: Sound and Vision with Hannah Diamond

04 Dec 2020

This Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration featured Hannah Diamond, the hyper-talented and hyper-realised image maker, photographer, and recording artist. Hannah discussed the duality of her career, from being the star in front of the camera, to the quieter role of creative director behind the scenes.

From school days collecting tear sheets from high-end fashion magazines to honing her passion for illustrating,  Hannah shared her early career path, which in time developed into retouching and photo-editing skills. This informed Hannah's bold and highly visceral aesthetic, leading to her highly successful project outputs and collaborations.

Hannah spoke about creating the perfect pop package, a world in which she explores, celebrates and critiques pop culture with a lens on the perfections and imperfections that can define and impact us all. 

Please sit back and take a tour of Hannah’s pop world, which offers lots of insight and inspiration.

Hannah's top tips and practical advice

  • Find your creative family, create work with friends and collaborators 
  • Focus on the present. Create daily tasks and goals to work through. Don't worry too much about what tomorrow will bring, be present!
  • Making creative work with a DIY style can feel punk, embrace the DIY!
  • Think beyond your resources to make the work you want bigger and bolder
  • Always be prepared for a shoot well in advance, from the set, location, and model, right down to what kind of shimmery bronzer make-up the model might wear for that JLO glow. Later, in post-production, these details will make all the difference.
  • Keep learning and discovering new techniques, always ask questions and elevate your practice

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