A collage of images, created by Vicki Bennett. It shows an eye overlaid with an exposure of a camera lens and rectangles of different light and concentric rectangles outlined in white lines.

Vicki Bennett: Opening Doors

10 Dec 2021

Vicki Bennett  (People Like Us) explores the processes of making audiovisual content, working with archives and found footage.

In this Somerset House Studios podcast, we revisit Vicki Bennett's talk as part of The Wire magazine’s Music By Any Means series, which was part of Grounding Practice, a rolling programme shaped by and for creative practitioners and critical thinkers.

Using collage as a compositional tool opens up endless opportunities to create and experience results that are more than the sum of their parts, opening doors (and windows) to let light in and move beyond limited and repetitive ways of creative thinking.  
Vicki Bennett discusses and demonstrates her creative process making audio-visual content, working with archives and found footage, showing how she sources and organises this material into finished works which break the rectangle, smashing the thin screen into tiny fragments, looking beyond the frame, climbing through to see what’s behind.