Creative Careers Academy Associates

The Creative Careers Academy offers London Living Wage work placements and skills development to talented young people who are under-represented in the creative and cultural sector. We aim to support diverse new talent emerging into the sector.


Placements: British Fashion Council, Somerset House Trust, Retail & Residents

“I think it’s important for any individual in the arts to delve into unfamiliar environments, whether this is linked directly to their own practise or through process of collaboration. A collaboration is how I would describe the Creative Careers Academy. Emerging from a fashion and film background, it has been an interesting dynamic to be a part of: adjusting and utilising one’s own skill set along the way. It makes for inquisitive discoveries within a short time frame”.

Renee Jackson

Placements: Somerset House Trust, Visitor Experience, Creative United

“I have worked with the Visitor Experience team in Somerset House Trust. Some of the exciting opportunities that I have worked on whilst being there were Hofesh Schechter Underground Performance and The Summer Series. Outside of work I am a singer/backing vocalist, content manager and youth worker. I have a passion for the creative industry with a keen interest in musical theatre and working with young people”.



Placements: Improbable Theatre, Fuel Productions

“I’m Sabrina and I’ve been working at Improbable. There’s been insightful off-site training in Mental Health awareness and using camera equipment for digital content. I was in charge of the marketing and social media, so I ran an Instagram induction crash course to the team to improve the engagement and marketing strategy. I am proud to be starting up Improbable Drip page for a legacy project their building on for generations now and to come.”


Monna Matharu

Placements: Creative United, Mighty Productions

“I’ve been working with arts charity Creative United. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to independently research and develop content on music education, policy, campaigns and advocacy. Previously, I studied World Philosophies at SOAS. I’ve always wanted to work with and around people and materials, dialogues and histories. My interests are literature, diasporic stories, local politics, music and social cohesion. I enjoy writing essays, fiction, making music, sewing and watching cartoons”


Emily Vaughan

Placements: Fuel Productions, British Fashion Council

“I've always been interested in the arts and different mediums of story-telling. In Ireland I was a drama facilitator working with 6-18 mixed abilities. I studied Performing Arts specialising in design, and after college found myself working in costume on various film, TV and theatre productions. Now I am a producing intern at Fuel Theatre. I am very excited by Fuel, they produce fresh work that has an adventurous pulse of its own”.


Rhys Laird

Placements: Somerset House Residents & FUEL (placement ended October 2019)

"During my time at Somerset House I am interested in exploring how the residents work together with the masses of space to both create and present work – and understand it more as a hub of creativity in Central London. As someone with a Fine Art background, I look forward to seeing how I respond to the space and the residents/cultural events programme not only within my own practice, but as a member of both the Residents and FUEL team. It would be great to eventually collaborate with them on ongoing and future projects to build on my own professional network."