Meet our 2019 Creative Careers Academy Participants

The Creative Careers Academy offers London Living Wage work placements and skills development to talented young people who are under-represented in the creative and cultural sector. We aim to support diverse new talent emerging into the sector.

Di’mond Sharma-Joseph

Placements: FUEL & Akram Khan Company

"Exploring my identity is most important to me, having trained as a writer as well as having my own multidisciplinary art practice. I like exploring societies and cultures, particularly those underrepresented whose stories are often unheard, which I believe is necessary to living happily and successfully. I hope to explore socio-political issues in a professional context through the Creative Careers Academy. Understanding and embarking on more complicated divisions of life having studied English language and literature, alongside my own creative practice, will continue to be crucial to my professional development and steady navigation of the complexities of the creative industries and where I can eventually situate myself."


Placements: Somerset House Visitor Experience & Hofesh Shechter Company

"I am particularly interested in increasing the accessibility of the arts in our communities, combined with working within an organisation that focuses on artist development. Previously, I trained as a dancer at Rambert, specialising in contemporary dance, and afterwards I found myself working for contemporary choreographers, based in London. I am thrilled to be working with Visitor Experience at Somerset House Trust and Hofesh Shechter Company for the placement period, and I look forward to discovering new skills that will help me uncover what it means it to work within the arts sector."

Hodan Ibrahim

Placements: SoundandMusic & Somerset House Visitor Experience

"I have always been interested in the production of music and the construction behind the process. I explored this interest within my Media A-levels alongside filming. I have also studied Media, Culture and Identity. I am excited to start working at my first placement with the charity SoundandMusic, whose aims are to maximise the development of new music. I will be assisting them with workshops for young women, several summer projects and general tasks. I am keen to work with young people as I have good experience when building a connection and interacting with them as peers."

Teresa Fan

Placements: Creative United & Somerset House Residents

"Having studied History, I am an individual who has always been interested in different cultures and viewpoints within our society. As an individual who is culturally submerged, I love travel, food and photography, both as a viewer as well as an image maker. I am passionate about documenting through photography and during my time at the Creative Careers Academy, I am really looking forward to working more collaboratively with individuals, their identities and dialogues. I look forward to delving into every new opportunity and challenge to grow my own creative talents as well as developing invaluable skills in marketing, finance, content and events delivery to feed into my future ambitions."