Open Skills Event - TECH
Young People

Open Skills Event: TECH - Responsible Technology

How can we anticipate the unintended consequences of technology on people and society

Thu 07 Nov 2019
17.00 - 19.00
New Wing

Join this session to learn how Doteveryone are working to make responsible technology standard business practice

In response to our major new exhibition 24/7, an essential exhibition for today, exploring the non-stop nature of modern life through a series of immersive, playful works from some of today’s most exciting global artists, we have partnered with Doteveryone to deliver our Tech focused Opens Skills event.

Since the tech-lash of 2018 and the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, there has been a lot more talk about the unintended consequences of tech. More people are starting to question the consequences of a few dominant digital platforms in our lives and the reliance on data-hungry advertising to fund these services.

Doteveryone is an independent think tank based in Somerset House with a mission to champion responsible technology. Join this session to learn about how they are working to make responsible technology standard business practice.

James and Hannah will introduce you to and guide you through Consequence Scanning, a new agile process designed to challenge people creating and developing tech to think differently and proactively design for the consequences. It will look at how to focus on the positive aspects of a product and mitigate or address potential harms or disasters before they happen.


James Barclay, Designer at Doteveryone and Musician
James is a designer at Doteveryone. James is passionate about using design to increase public wellbeing. Utilising graphic design, illustration and research, he aims to show how tech could be better and why. He is also responsible for our comms and content design and aiding delivery of our TechTransformed programme which helps businesses make responsible technology standard practice.

He graduated with a first class honours in design at Goldsmiths and in his final year project designed musical systems aimed at decreasing mental health stigma. He returned to help tutor design students after graduating.

Alongside his career as a singer/songwriter he is currently a member of the Creative Youth Forum at the Midi Music Company, a music education and talent development charity - he advises on the design & development of their programme.

Hannah Kitcher, Communications Manager
Hannah is responsible for increasing awareness of Doteveryone’s work championing of responsible technology and making us the go-to voice for understanding the complex challenges of our digital age.

Prior to joining Doteveryone, Hannah worked in the research, then later the communications team, at The Young Foundation, a think tank that specialises in using the tools of social innovation to tackle society’s major social issues.

Hannah is also a passionate fan of AFC Wimbledon, the fan-owned football club, and is an elected member of their board.