Creative Job Studio Podcast

In the Creative Job Studio Podcast, artists behind the making of the Creative Job Studio’s artistic events series at Somerset House take us on their journey into the creative industries to provide a new opening for people making their first moves in the arts. Produced by Emma Barnaby and Fatuma Khaireh, each episode focuses on a different artist and their practice. We hear how they went about curating an event for the public and how they manage the difficulties of being a young artist.

What does it take to be successful in the TV and film industries? And how do you know when you’ve achieved it? Emerging filmmaker Tayo Odesanya gives us a lesson in the realities of making it, with some assistance from industry heads Karol Jurga, Shazia Rashid, Annika Allen, and Ricardo McLeary-Campbell.

Queerdirect founders, Gaby Sahhar and Lily, held a mirror up to the male-dominated, heterosexual world of networking. The outcome? An event that existed somewhere between queer speed-dating, a corporate networking event, and a club dance floor.

How does mental health feed into creative practice? Artist Laho Jebak shares ways in which he draws inspiration from his state of mind, reminding us that mental health and creativity aren’t mutually exclusive. With contributions from cultural historian and activist Patrick Vernon OBE, producer Elsie Ayotunde Cullen, and therapist and life model Jocelyn Yeboah-Newton.

Pressure to know exactly what you are doing in life can be overwhelming. Yolanda Mercy knows this all too well. In this episode she shares the inspiration behind her award-winning play, while reminding us that success comes with a healthy does of self-care. Plus plenty of nuggets of advice from writer and actor Nathan Byron, producer Nassy Konan, High Rise actor/producer Joe Barnes-Phillips, and Soho Theatre Producer Jules Howarth.

Emma Barnaby, Producer & Host
Emma is a young audio producer based in London. She likes listening to people and makes podcasts, radio, and sound composition.

Fatuma Khaireh, Producer
Fatuma  is a storyteller and creative producer who is interested in the intersections between art, technology and the archives. She is an associate producer at Numbi Arts, and she has been a contributor to OOMK Zine and Taming Lions. She has written plays that have been performed at Ovalhouse and The Richmix.