Future Producers Manifesto

The Future Producers flag. A red sun shape at the centre of a yellow rectangle, with red squiggles to the left and right borders.


We are interested in principles of radical interspecies equality as a path to collective joy and flourishing. 


We believe in making intentional interventions into the world through activism and art making.


We believe that creativity is a universal power and an energy that cannot be destroyed.  


We brace ourselves for unapologetic, uncomfortable conversations; we push through critical issues; we draw upon our own struggles.


As artists, the idea of access is fundamental. This involves adapting to specific needs or requirements, creating inclusive spaces, and should involve finding a common language as an integral part of the process. 


Through acting on our dreams, a sustainable future is possible. (process /earth conscious/ reworking/reusing). 


Visibility, opportunity, the right to be seen and heard as an equal. Diversity and respect for each other's differences.


We are always a work in progress, in a constant learning process, remain open-minded and display a willingness to change opinion.