Somerset House Exchange Bursaries

To ensure Somerset House Exchange is accessible and made up of a diverse community of creatives, we offer bursaries of up to 75% off membership rates to people who have been historically excluded and may face barriers in terms of access and opportunity in the creative and cultural sector, including those who have an impactful creative idea that needs a little support to get to the next level. These individuals will be considered for the Bursary if financial restrictions would otherwise prevent them from becoming a member. 

What it is

The bursary is a staggered discount, starting at 75% off general membership rates in year one, 50% off in year two and 25% off in year three. Recipients will benefit from the wide range of membership and workspace facilities, as well as the community at Somerset House.

Who it is for

Our bursary places are specifically looking to redress balance in terms of access and opportunity within the creative and cultural sector for groups who have historically been excluded, which may include LGBTQ+, women, Global Majority ethnicities, lower socio-economic backgrounds, refugees, or those who are neurodiverse. This is a non-exhaustive list and we look to approach this with the understanding that our scope must be responsive, intersectional and open minded. Although bursary places can only be awarded to those aged 18 or over, there is no maximum age limit. 

Application Process

Applications are open on a rolling basis, with 5 bursary placements available per month. We welcome applications from both individuals as well as small businesses, with a maximum number of placements per company/organisation is 2. Please note, to apply to this bursary you must work in the arts or the creative industries.

Applications submitted by midday of the 28th, or before, of each month, will then be reviewed and receive a decision within 3 weeks. Applications made after this will be reviewed with applications submitted in the following month. Each application will be scored by members from the Somerset House team. Following the scoring stage, a shortlist will be made.

Those on this shortlist will be invited to an interview to provide us with a further insight into how the Somerset House Exchange bursary will benefit their creative endeavours.

The following membership packages are available for a bursary:


If you work in the arts or the creative industries, you can apply for a Somerset House Exchange bursary here:

If you have any questions regarding the bursary placements or want to find out more about Somerset House Exchange, don’t hesitate to get in touch via

Somerset House Exchange is supported by the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund.