Cherece Lucina

Founder of Create Conscious Community and a spirituality facilitator.

Cherece produces culturally diverse events which allow people to connect to their community and sense of spirituality in a personally relatable way, whilst honouring the need for safe spaces and accessible content. By bringing spirituality to others, she has been able to enter a multitude of contexts and encourage mindful engagement.  

From sustainable fashion shows to psychedelic art exhibitions (Psychedelic Society headquarters, Nov 2018/Apr 2019) and holistic well-being events(Ufundi, Nov 2019 and remote Zoom sessions over lockdown), she has had the opportunity to find common ground for conversation in a range of areas.  

Cherece has also lately taken to the spotlight performing circus acts and DJ'ing! 

Performer Instagram: @chezalucina
Community Instagram: @createconscious
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