Kayleigh De Sousa

London based creative producer and freelance illustrator.

In 2019 Kayleigh De Sousa completed her academic studies, graduating in BA Illustration and Graphic Design with an Erasmus year abroad in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Kayleigh’s practice revolves around illustration - specifically drawing women of colour to project her own personal experiences. She uses bright palettes with a strong emphasis on emotion, utilising real life data such as text messages.

Kayleigh is a Future Producer at Somerset House, working on projects such as Decentralise, a co-production with Comuzi. The project seeks to champion Black British culture through an immersive website that lets users interact with illustrated objects that pay homage to Black artists who have exhibited at Somerset House. As well as producing the project, her illustrations were used on the microsite Decentralise.

Kayleigh aims to continue her illustrative practice to highlight social issues, and promote mental health awareness.