Former Somerset House Studios resident

Eloise Hawser

Artist exploring the emotional resonances in the architectural, mechanical and electrical infrastructure that supports our lives and bodies.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Eloise Hawser works with an expanded notion of ‘fabrication’ looking at the production of knowledge, networks, and individual objects. 

She positions the human body as both agent and site in her exploration of the architectural, mechanical and electrical systems that sustain our collective existence.

Her work is researched focused, frequently unearthing what is hidden or buried. 

Eloise Hawser - By the deep, by the mark

"Hawser borrows from the materials and processes of outmoded and sometimes forgotten technologies, as well as those from our contemporary context of screens, scanning and replication. Seeking a poetic interplay between the histories of particular sites and those who have shaped them, Hawser finds emotional resonance in the architectural, mechanical and electrical infrastructure that supports our lives and bodies."

Paul Luckcraft
Eloise Hawser - Emotional Supply Chains

Eloise is a conceptual sculptor and mixed media artist, living and working in London. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally. Her installation The Tipping Hall was presented at the Istanbul Biennial 2019,  before being exhibited at the Montpellier Contemporain 2020. Her first UK solo institutional exhibition, Lives on Wire, was presented by the ICA in 2015, with a major exhibition at Somerset House, by the deep, by the mark, shown three years later. Eloise’s group shows include History of Nothing (White Cube, 2016), Weight of Data (Tate Britain, 2015), and Surround Audience (New Museum, New York, 2015). Her works can be found in several institutional collections, such as Tate Britain and Viennia’s MUMOK. Hawser’s work often involves public and collective engagement, including her 800,000 tonnes series of waste management tours with Focal Point Gallery (Southend, 2019) and her night-walk A New Way to Set (Somerset House, 2019).