Ceramic sculpture of a face
Somerset House Studios resident


Artist working with ceramics, digital media, 3D modelling and textiles.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

enorê is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in London and working with 3D printed ceramics, textile and video. Their work revolves around the fluidity of digital media into physicality and back, the modes of translation that arise from this kind of dynamics and how this relates to how the body processes information. Using 3D scans and digital data to establish links between physical and digital realms, they bring into physical existence elements which can normally only be mediated through digital technology. They have recently exhibited with Bloomberg New Contemporaries and been commissioned by Contemporary And to create a new video series.

They intend to focus on and experiment with their recent research around modes of virtual care and embodiment through the medium of the Tamagotchi. They are interested in how the act of caring for and carrying a virtual object can be thought of in terms of entanglement between physical and digital spaces, the relationship between portals and portability, virtual reality as a portal between multiple modes of embodiment and temporality, and digital temporality itself — such as the way digital objects are expected to exist above time, with digital files being constantly recreated in memory every time they are accessed.