Feminist Internet
Former Somerset House Studios resident

Feminist Internet

Feminist Internet is a group of artists and designers working to advance internet equalities for women and other marginalised groups through critical practice. 

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Their residency at will focus on the production of The Feminist Internet Podcast, commissioned and produced by Somerset House Studios with the support of the UAL Creative Computing Institute. In this podcast series, the group will explore the theme of Recoding Spaces, both online and offline, with the aim of diversifying internet spaces metaphorically, physically and digitally, intercepting homogenous zones and breaking the filter bubble. The podcast aims to not only expose these spaces, but to regenerate them in new and inclusive ways. 

Available to listen on Somerset House Studio platforms in spring 2019, topics will include: What are internet feminisms? What’s the future of gendered service technology? What is an ethical business in 2018? How can we innovate contraceptive technology to benefit everyone? How can we create truly queer spaces on the internet? 

The fascinating campaign for a feminist internet and how we can all help to change the online world.

Amelia Heathman, Evening Standard
Feminist Internet - Photo © Natalia Queirolo
Feminist Internet - Photo © Natalia Queirolo
Feminist Internet - An introduction