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Former Somerset House Studios resident

Graham Dunning

Associate Artist

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Graham Dunning works with sound, processes and found objects. Visually his work draws on dirt, dust and decay, evoking notions of memory, collecting and archiving. In terms of the sonic, Dunning’s work remixes cultural off-cuts, often utilising the unwarranted noise inherent in vinyl and cassette playback.

Graham Dunning, dreammachine2 by Brian Wahr
Graham Dunning, dreammachine2 by Brian Wahr

Graham has performed his Mechanical Techno show extensively in the last year, nationally and internationally. Recent appearances include Music Tech Fest (Berlin), Supernormal (Oxford), Fort Process (Sussex) and an AV set for the Boiler Room. He released a new album with Embla Quickbeam called Inside Memory's Head in October, the product of two years of the artists changing cassettes, found objects, writing and other ephemera to remotely collaborate on the album. He is currently developing a new performance and exhibition with his collective AAS for Gallery North and a series of sessions at Arlington homeless hostel for Space Studios.

Video produced by Michael Forrest.

"Over the past seven years, Graham Dunning has been steadily redefining the record deck as instrument. In an age that sees club DJs rely increasingly on USB sticks and sophisticated mixing software Dunning's practice is rooted firmly in the material heft of platter, cartridge and vinyl disc."


The Wire

Graham is currently developing a live show for Somerset House Studios in 2017.

Graham Dunning by Julien Kerduff
Graham Dunning by Julien Kerduff