Ilona Sagar
Somerset House Studios resident

Ilona Sagar

Cross-disciplinary artist and filmmaker

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Ilona Sagar works with a diverse range of media spanning moving-image, text, performance and assemblage, forming research led works that resonate with the politically charged social and historic infrastructures found in the public and private spaces we inhabit.

By instrumentalising historical archives and their institutions, not as an encounter with a safely sealed past, but as something current and unstable that speaks urgently to our present condition, she explores the links between language, surface, technologies and the body through our increasingly mediated encounters in social, political and experiential space.

A significant aspect of her practice is the broad cross-disciplinary dialogue generated through collaboration with a range of art and scientific disciplines; including dance, architecture and neurology. Illusion and material [dis]honesty set the stage for works which seek to seduce, alluding to something familiar yet other. In 2018 she won the Research in Film Award at BAFTA HQ and is the Saastamoinen Foundation, Helsinki, artist for 2021.

Deep Structure (extract)

"Sagar’s accomplished film-editing technique and skill in melding words, sound and imagery, allows her to condense extensive research into a vivid poetic translation of our symbiotic and enhancing yet murky and addictive relationship with technology."

Valentina Bin, Art Review 

Ilona Sagar Correspondence O, film still, 2017.jpg

Correspondence O, film still, 2017
Correspondence O, film still, 2017

“Sagar exposes our insides – the private bodies and the public ones that house them”

Kathryn Lloyd, Momus

Ilona Sagar The Ground We Tread 2016.jpg

The Ground We Tread, Performance installation, Pump House Gallery, London 2016
The Ground We Tread, Performance installation, Pump House Gallery, London 2016