Jasleen Kaur - Sociomobile
Somerset House Studios resident

Jasleen Kaur

Glasgow-born, London-based Artist.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Born in Glasgow and living and working in London, Jasleen is an artist making with the slurry of life. Raised amidst betrayal, secrecy and banished outsiders, her work is to make sense of what is out of view or withheld. She is called towards plurality, declassifications, polyphony, the blur.

Be Like Teflon - Jasleen-Kaur

Their practice is rooted in material, owed to their education in metalwork and jewellery, but more significantly, the influence of faux/cheap migrant aesthetics in the homes and community spaces they grew up in. Jasleen makes with the debris and residue of life, borrowing objects from the world as signifiers to tell stories. Improvising, cutting-pasting objects together is a tactic to reimagine tradition. Over the years the practice has expanded into immersive installations, sound work and video.

Women hold up half the sky - Jasleen Kaur