Kristina Pulejkova - Where We All Meet, 2018
Somerset House Studios resident

Kristina Pulejkova

Kristina Pulejkova is a London-based multimedia artist whose work is informed by science and technology.

Working across moving image, sound and installation, she aims to build subjective narratives based on scientific data and principles. Kristina’s work explores how the use of technology might lead to greater forms of sustainability in human-­nature relationships.

Kristina’s works have been exhibited/screened at the Museum for Contemporary Art, Skopje, MK (solo show), MAK, Vienna, AT, Project Space Kunsthalle, Vienna, AT, Het Glaspaviljoen, Eindhoven, NL, The Science Museum, London, UK, The V&A, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK and the Art Licks Festival, London UK, amongst others. 

Where We All Meet Shoot Documentation

Scientific principles and data are used as a base in her work, which are then layered up with documentary elements and fictional narratives. Often working collaboratively, Kristina’s work aims to draw in and connect a variety of voices - scientists, communities, choreographers, artists, musicians and technologists – that inform the transdisciplinary nature of the projects. 

Kristina has an MA degree in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, London (2012) and a Magisterium degree (BA + MA) in Painting and Animation from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Since 2018, Kristina is the Art + Technology Programme Manager at SPACE, London. 

The Lizard Gaze.jpg

The Lizard Gaze, 2018, film still
The Lizard Gaze, 2018, film still

During her residency at the Somerset House Studios, Kristina’s research will focus on developing AR, VR and live data work as part of her practice, through exploring different forms of consciousness, looking at symbiotic life forms, deep sea creatures and artificial intelligence. 

She will also be developing her latest project, Where We All Meet, tracing the life cycle and migration of the European eel, where she will be exploring mobility through connections, interdependencies, and parallels with human and non-human forms through immersive technologies. 

Red, 2018, film still.jpg

Red, 2018, film still
Red, 2018, film still