Laurel Halo
Somerset House Studios resident

Laurel Halo

American composer, producer, performing artist and DJ, known for her groundbreaking work in contemporary experimental electronic music.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Since 2012 Laurel Halo has followed an unpredictable path, releasing records with increasing genre-fluidity, complexity and scope, including her now-cult status debut album Quarantine (2012, Hyperdub), In Situ (2015, Honest Jon's), Dust (2017, Hyperdub) and Raw Silk Uncut Wood (2018, Latency). Halo, a renowned live performer, has performed solo and in collaboration with artists such as John Cale, Moritz von Oswald, Eli Keszler and Oliver Coates, in venues, festivals and institutions across the world; in addition, her DJ skills have landed her gigs in clubs worldwide, as well as a contribution to the legendary DJ-Kicks series (2019) and a monthly residency on NTS Radio (2021-present).

Equally at home in both experimental and club music scenes, her influences range from the music of her family's hometown of Detroit and the soundsystem mutations of UK electronic music, to musique concrète, film score and jazz. She has collaborated with artists and designers including Metahaven, Kevin Beasley, Eckhaus Latta, Hanne Lippard and Jill Mulleady.

During her time at Somerset House Studios Laurel will work on production of solo music, commissions for fashion, film and television and development of record label Awe.