Somerset House Studios resident

Lawrence Lek

Simulation artist creating site-specific virtual worlds, video game essays, and speculative films. Often rendering real places within fictional scenarios, his environments reflect the impact of the virtual on our perception of reality.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Lawrence Lek is a simulation artist who brings together diverse practices — architecture, gaming, CGI, music and fiction — into a continuously expanding cinematic universe. Often based on real places, his digital environments and video game essays reflect the impact of technology on our memories of the future.

Geomancer (2017) - Trailer

Lawrence will use the residency at Somerset House Studios to continue to develop VR and virtual worlds and CGI filmmaking which bring together all aspects of production: 3D development, programming, and sound design.

Lawrence Lek, Geomancer 01.Credit Jerwood FVU Awards 2017
Lawrence Lek, Geomancer 01. Credit Jerwood FVU Awards 2017

Lek’s unidealized world is utopian in the original meaning of the word – ou-topos: no-place – an abstract, weightless land where the established is dethroned, the permanent trivialized and the status quo held up to an unconventional, digital interrogation.

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