Somerset House Studios resident


مجدیر ایک فنکار اور طبی ڈاکٹر ہے، جس میں ویڈیو، فوٹو گرافی اور پیشہ ورانہ ادویات میں کام کر رہی ہے.

Majed works primarily with video, painting and sculpture. After graduating from Bart’s medical school in 2007 and the Royal College of Art in 2010, Majed continues to practice medicine as an Occupational Health specialist, a field that looks to diagnose the effects of work on health. His work explores the problem of anxiety through the use of digital images and uses techniques of erasure, repetition and remodelling to create an experience of environments mediated through the effects of drugs, financial markets and technologies.

His recent film ‘NANG’, a noir musical, takes place in a car journey in London, where the driver and passenger are absent and instead their place is taken by the drug Nitrous Oxide. A gaseous ether which emerges in the city, referencing the historic London fog and presenting an experience of a city that is self medicating.

Whilst in residence, Majed will be working to further develop his video and painting based work connecting his research and practice of treating anxiety with its various manifestations and aetiologies.