Tangible Statistics Linguistics, Tune in Tune Out toolkit, Natasha Trotman 2016
Somerset House Studios resident

Natasha Trotman

Inclusive designer, maker and researcher working with information and multi-sensory experience design.


Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Her work takes sensorial neurodivergent experiences as a starting point; forming physical interactions through investigative play to varied audiences and visitors; with her most recent work the project Tangible Statistics Liguistics, an umbrella project which was nominated for the the Helen Hamlyn Snowdon Award for Disability/Inclusive Design. Exploring notions and western constructs around neurotypes and lived experiences through a multi-modal design and neurodivergent lens, through interactive installations, performances and participatory events. Her works includes Tune in Tune Out, part of the Tangible Statistics Linguistics umbrella project; the interactive toolkit sought to harness empathy and awareness concerning divergent neurotypes through set tasks, discussions including analogue and digital interactions.

Tangible Statistics Linguistics, Tune in Tune Out, PROCESS 2
Tangible Statistics Linguistics, Tune in Tune Out toolkit, PROCESS 2, Natasha Trotman 2016

Natasha will further develop a creative lexicon around neurodivergence and inclusive design using analogue and digital technologies, focusing on quasi-experimental methods and approaches both in the field and with collaborators in the lab.