Somerset House Studios resident

Nick Ryan

Multi-disciplinary artist and composer exploring the auditory representation of information, physical materiality and space.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Nick Ryan is widely recognised for his uniquely conceptual approach to creating audio experiences and as a leading thinker on the future of sound. Much of his work involves applying emerging technologies to the making or listening process, or introducing people to new ways of thinking about audio.  His work explores auditory representations of information, language, physical materiality and space through the creation of sound and multi sensory installations, bespoke instruments, generative/reactive/interative audio experiences and data sonficiations.

Bowers & Wilkins and Adrift – Machine 9

Nick's work includes projects with MIT Media Lab, BANFF Centre for the Arts, Montreal Film Festival, Screen Australia, European Broadcasting Union, BFI, Aldeburgh Music, London Science Musuem and the UK Government Department of Trade and Industry. He is the recipient of a BAFTA for Technical Innovation and a Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel for sound editing, and is a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Plymouth University. Whilst working with the BBC’s ‘Imagineering’ Department as a futurologist in 2004 he won a BAFTA for ‘The Dark House’, a groundbreaking interactive binaural (3D audio) Radio Drama which he co-devised, scored and mixed live on air on BBC Radio 4. His latest project ‘Adrift’, a collaboration with film maker Cath Le Couteur, explores the hidden world of Space Debris through a film, interactive experience and sound instrument. Nick’s instrument ‘Machine 9’ transforms space debris in the upper atmosphere into sound, live as it passes over head and was recently exhibited at the Science Museum in London.

James Boag's Meteorphonium Instrument

During his residency Nick will continue to explore his fascination with what he sees as permeable boundaries that lie between our experience of listening as an immediate and visceral sensation and our cognitive experience of sound as carrier of information. In particular Nick hopes to explore connections between sound forms found in language and the physical properties manifest in the world. A key part of this exploratory work will involve experimentation with other artists working at Somerset House in disciplines Nick hasn’t previously brought into his work such as object making and human movement and visualisation.

Tate Sensorium, Room 1
Tate Sensorium, Room 2