Somerset House Studios resident

Parwana Haydar

Jerwood Somerset House Studios Residency

Parwana Haydar is a filmmaker, moving image artist and curator.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Parwana Haydar works predominantly in film and moving image exploring themes such as memory, family, archives and displacement. She is a curator of Afghan Visual Arts and History Collective (AVAH), a curatorial collective highlighting artists from Afghanistan and the diaspora. In November 2023 she was awarded ACE's Develop Your Creative Practice grant to experiment with AI and immersive installation and investigate how a critical use of digital art can open a space for imagination enforced by loss of collective memory, culture and history of the displaced. She is a graduate of South London Gallery Radical film school, Other Cinema’s film school and a fellow of Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg artist in residence programme. As a member of AVAH Collective she has curated talks and workshops with institutions such as Void Gallery, Independent Cinema Office at the BFI and HKW in Berlin. Her films have shown in Haus Coburg City Gallery, Eigenheim Gallery, Interfilm Festival and Fotofestiwal.

Parwana wants to investigate how a critical use of digital artwork can reinterpret the diasporic aesthetics of the Afghan away from Afghanistan. Some of her films take the form of a video collage, where archives, home videos, photographs and sound are collaged to bring together fragmented visual aesthetics. To follow this line of enquiry, Parwana aims to experiment with immersive projection on textile as a form of “collaging” with mediums. To experiment with projecting light and casting shadows - what gets to see the light, what is hidden in the shadows?

The Jerwood Somerset House Studios Residencies are supported by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund.