Former Somerset House Studios resident

Season Butler

Associate Artist.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Season Butler is an artist, writer, activist and academic working in literary fiction, performance, collage and installation. Her practice centres around intersectionality and narratives of otherness, isolation and the end of the world as a contemporary ontological dilemma. She attempts to expose established ways of looking and modes of representation – particularly the civilised/savage duality – and flip them to see how they survive on their metaphorical backs. She is currently reading a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College where her doctoral research examines how conventions in writing literary fiction govern when and how race is marked in characters, and how this act can passively replicate, or actively challenge, racial normativities.

A willful and perpetual immigrant and a recovering hydrophobic, she has plans to seek out swimming lessons with locals in the towns and cities she travels to. She is an associate producer of I’m With You, a little collective concerned with performance, queer domesticity and gesturing toward wily future. Her current work investigates notions of authorship, authority and version control. In 2014, Season won second place in the Soroptimists International Prize for novels by black and Asian women, and continues to write literary and experimental fiction. 

Image: Tim Smith

As an Associate Artist, Season will be looking closer at the links between theory, practice and politics with the Somerset House Studios community. 

“[A] as her piece settled into its own strange narrative I began to find the whole thing quite arresting. There was a fluid interplay between audience and performer. We took cues off our gaffa tape mermaid and moved as a shoal, craning for the best view. She created a cobweb-fine balance of danger and seduction and raised interesting questions about the nature of sacrifice in art.” 

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Image: Christa-Holka