Sin Wai Kin, A Dream of Wholeness in Parts (still), 2021 © the artist. Courtesy the artist, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei and Soft Opening, London. Produced by Chi-Wen Productions, Taipei. Supported by Hayward Gallery Touring for British Art Show 9
Somerset House Studios resident

Sin Wai Kin

Sin Wai Kin (b. 1991, Toronto, CA) brings fantasy to life through storytelling in performance, moving image, writing, and print. Drawing on the experience of existing between binary categories, their work realizes alternate worlds to describe lived experiences of desire, identification and consciousness.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Sin Wai Kin’s work encompasses performance, moving image, writing and print, to question the idealised image and the collective gaze. Their work presents speculative fictions to create fantasy narratives that interrupt normative processes around issues of desire, identification, and objectification. Video works and performances are frequently staged at immersive scales and the various drag characters that Sin Wai Kin performs reference discourses on gender, identity, and consciousness. Their work serves to destabilise binaries such as performance and authenticity, self and other, and fantasy and reality.


Sin Wai Kin, It’s Always You (still), 2021, 4K Dual-channel video. Image courtesy of the artist and Blindspot Gallery