Strange Telemetry, Manchester
Former Somerset House Studios resident

Strange Telemetry

Research company and consultancy exploring contexts in which technologies are imagined, built, used, and controlled.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Strange Telemetry is Georgina Voss, Tobias Revell, Justin Pickard and Maisie Bowes. They use speculative and critical design to question how we live and work with technologies, engaging with clients to produce tangible material outputs that create debate, inform policy, develop strategy, and stimulate critical thinking. Strange Telemetry's larger aim is to use speculative and critical design in new contexts and applications, through design projects, workshops, and writing. Their clients include: Cabinet Office, Policy Lab, Government Office for Science and Foresight, BBC R&D, Department for Transport, NESTA, British Council, FutureEverything, and the London College of Communication.


Strange Telemetry is a workers’ co-operative, owned and managed by our members. Georgina Voss (PhD) is an anthropologist of technology and innovation systems. Her work focuses on the development and use of hardware, electronics, and large or complex technological artefacts. Justin Pickard is an anthropologist and strategist. With a background in futures studies and foresight, his work focuses on urban infrastructure, alternative innovation pathways, and global socio-technical change. Tobias Revell is an artist and critical designer. Spanning different media and genres, his work addresses failed utopias, rogue actors, how culture assimilates technology, and the idea of technology as territory. Maisie Bowes is a designer exploring how design can bring about positive social change across the public realm.

Strange Telemetry are residents of Studio 48.

Customer Cards, Strange Telemetry
Customer Cards, Strange Telemetry