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A global fashion software company driving innovation through customisation and delivering an end-to-end digital solution for on-demand production at scale.

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Unmade is working with some of the most innovative fashion, lifestyle and sportswear brands to foster a new level of customer experience through customisation and direct interaction with the product that is completely implicit to the existing production process.

Unmade was born out of a desire to reimagine both the design and manufacturing processes within the fashion industry, so brands only make what is actually sold, resulting in minimal waste - hence the embrace of customisation.


unmade process ipad to box

The result is a customer experience that feels completely unique, seamless within the brand’s existing ecosystem, while generating minimal waste and wholly customized products. Unmade is aiming to transform the fashion ecosystem, beginning with customisation and moving towards tech-enabled and sustainable, on-demand manufacturing.

Unmade consists of a diverse team of 30 staffers. Unmade was founded in April 2013 by Hal Watts, Ben Alun-Jones and Kirsty Emery - all of whom met at London’s Royal College of Art. Most recently in November 2017, Unmade raised $4M, led by Felix Capital. Unmade pieces are now part of the permanent collections at both the MoMA in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Christopher Raeburn SS16 Borneo Look 17
Christopher Raeburn SS16 Borneo Look 17, Unmade, Somerset House Studios

By enabling people – and brands – to "print" clothes to order, the whole process of clothing manufacture can be reconfigured. Unmade will never produce anything that nobody wants.


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Unmade Studio, Somerset House Studios
Unmade Studio, Somerset House Studios

Unmade’s residency with Somerset House Studios provides them with a secure space to explore how experimenting with disruptive technology can be balanced with sustainable growth as a young company.