Weyland McKenzie-Witter

Weyland McKenzie-Witter

Weyland McKenzie-Witter is a multidisciplinary audio artist and creative producer from North East London. Weyland’s audio work consists of podcast production, radio production, sound design, music and songwriting. 

Weyland has also written and created music for brands like Samsung, Just Eat, Absolut Vodka. Recently he developed and presented The Black & The Green, a BBC Radio 4 Documentary that looks at the relationship between the black and green political movements. Weyland was nominated for the “Best New Producer” award at the 2021 Audio Production Awards. 

As an audio producer he has produced on Small Axe: The Podcast the companion for Steve McQueen’s award-winning series, BBC 's # 1 podcast Obsessed With Line of Duty and multiple shows for Transmission Roundhouse. 

During his time on the Creators in Residence programme, Weyland is producing a new series for Somerset House that explores the use and future of audio as a place of archive .