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The Workers

Creators of physical and web based interactive experiences and environments.

Somerset House Studios
New Wing
Kavital Sofa

The Workers - founded by Ross Cairns and Tommaso Lanza - create interactive, digital audience experiences by constantly challenging and exploring the possibilities of design and technology. Their work explores the boundaries between fiction and reality through performance, using technologically augmented experience to provide audiences with agency.  Often their work exists in both the real world and virtual world simultaneously, giving audiences the experience of controlling of something larger than themselves -  a 50 million pixel display in a room full of people, or a robot set free to explore a closed nighttime gallery on the other side of the world.  They have recently produced interactive experiences for Tate, Guy’s Hospital, Clerkenwell Design Week and Visual Editions (with Google Creative Lab).  

Highcross Man Walking

Moving into the new space marks an important moment for the 6-year old practise, paving the way to ambitious new creative and business endeavours.  Since the founding of the practice, The Workers have embraced designing for engaged audiences, across a variety of fields and mediums: digital, live installations, web, broadcast and product design.  Looking into the future The Workers set to redefine audience experiences through interactive environments and are looking forward to join and the unique array of creative professionals and artists that occupy the spaces of Somerset House Studios.  

The Workers are residents of Studio 48.

Allude All

'Their mutual fascination for the intersection of physical and digital has seen them create work that’s immersive and enthralling'

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