Somerset House Safer Space Reporting Form

We strive to ensure that all studios, shared spaces, events, exhibitions, and parties at Somerset House are fully inclusive and safe as possible spaces for any person to participate and enjoy without fear of feeling marginalised or unwelcome. By entering Somerset House, you agree to respect anybody, attire, gender, sexual orientation, race, belief and experience whatsoever, and should expect to receive that same respect. By entering the space, you agree to treat all people equally and without prejudice or presumptions, including our staff.
We ask that everyone: 

  • Be mindful of your own behaviour, and any behaviour by others, which may be interpreted as sexist
  • Seek consent for any interaction not just physical 
  • Never make comments or judgements on the physical appearance of others 
  • If commenting on attire only be positive  
  • Do not make assumptions about anyone’s gender and avoid using gendered terms such as ‘miss’ ‘mister’ ‘mam’ ‘sir’ ‘guys’
  • If an attendee is struggling physically let them know you are on hand if they need 
  • Avoid comments which single out, or prejudice, individuals by their ethnic or national background. Racist or xenophobic behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. 

How is the Safer Space policy implemented?  
All staff, including security, front of house and contractors working on any Somerset House event must attend a briefing before doors where this policy is re-shared by the team member leading the event. It is included in the code of conduct of all front of house staff and displayed in the security team staff room.

Visitors are also made aware that the policy is in operation in the terms and conditions of all ticket purchases.

What to do if you feel the Safer Space policy is not followed: 
If you are attending an event at Somerset House and feel this policy is not being adhered to by any attendee, artist, staff member or contractor, you can speak to any member of event staff who will contact the Duty Manager, who will raise it to the People & Culture Team to investigate, or if you want to raise it directly you can do so via Alternatively, you can fill out the anonymous form above.

A response will be made within 72 hours. If the nature of any incoming correspondence contravenes our safer space policy, which prioritises respect, or contains discriminatory or offensive language, we reserve the right not to reply.

Safeguarding Policy
Somerset House is committed to the safeguarding of everyone at Somerset House, particularly children and adults at risk. This includes acting to protect individuals from harm or maltreatment and preventing and the impairment of health or development. 
Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. We therefore ask all individuals associated with Somerset House, including staff, artists, residents, freelancers, contractors, volunteers and our board of trustees, to share this commitment and enact the guidance in our Safeguarding policy