Sonic Terrains | Application Guidelines

Who should apply for Sonic Terrains?

  • This residency is offered remotely and open to UK based artists, composers and musicians in the first 10 years of establishing their practice.
  • Applications are invited from artists of all disciplines but the project must have a clearly defined sound or music component that can be presented online.
  • Artists from other disciplines are welcome to apply but the opportunity is specifically for the composition of music and sound, so any application must make a strong case for compositional quality.
  • Artists who are willing to work with the digital team to share some of their making process online.
  • Artists must be available for up to 20 x 1.5 hour online studio sessions between May and August 2020 in the run up to online presentation dates in September 2020 (schedule to be agreed based on individual availability and project requirements).
  • Somerset House Studios resident artists are welcome to apply and will be considered equally by the selection panel in the mix of overall candidates.
  • Collaborations are welcome but the budget will remain the same for each project.
  • Those in formal education, full or part time, are not eligible.

What does this residency include?

  • Through remote access studios sessions, follow up materials, mentorship and remote production support this online residency will support the creation of 5 major new spatial sound works which will be presented online as part of a special edition of Assembly in September 2020. Final works must be a minimum 30 minutes in length. Each residency will be tailored towards the needs of the artist(s) and their required level of support.
  • £3,000 artist fee for the creation and online presentation of a significant new spatial sound work.
  • Minimum of 12 x 1.5 hour online studio sessions between May and August, plus follow up materials, mentorship and production support from state-of-the-art spatial sound mentors Call & Response. The number of sessions is dependent on project requirements and can be up to a maximum of 20 x 1.5 hour sessions to be agreed with each artist as the residency unfolds.
  • Participation in online sharing of process as the artistic project develops.
  • Web Development support to realize the presentation of your final work online.
  • Somerset House Studios Producer support to create a bespoke residency schedule and set key milestones based on your project.

How long are applications open for, and when is the deadline?

Applications open on Friday 17 April and the deadline for submissions is 12pm on Sunday 3 May 2020. Please note that late applications will not be accepted. 

What is the timeline of the residency?

●    Friday 17 April - Sunday 3 May 2020: Applications open 
●    Sunday 3 May 2020: Application deadline at 12.00
●    Thursday 7 May 2020: video meetings with shortlisted artists and residencies confirmed
●    May – August 2020: residencies take place, including online sharing of process throughout
●    September 2020: ASSEMBLY online premiere of new works
●    October 2020 – participant event at Call and Response studio in London

How will the final work be presented?

The final spatial sound work will need to be accessed through a microsite created by Somerset House who will host a series of performance/presentations of the work. This will be available to audiences for a limited time period.
The final presentation could be (but not restricted to): 
•    A dynamic binaural audio work
•    1st order ambisonics embedded in a 360 video
•    A network-based and/or generative work that is deployed over consumer devices such as smartphones, smartspeakers, web browsers interactivity etc.

We welcome other technically innovative proposals - please be as clear as possible about how you will be able to achieve your proposal within the time frame of this project.

Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my application? 

Yes, confirmation of all applications will be emailed.

Who selects the artists?

The selection panel for this opportunity will include members of the Somerset House Studios and Call & Response teams. 

How are artists selected?

Selection will be based on the panel’s interest in the artist and the potential of the proposed work to make a compelling and immersive online spatial sound experience.

Do I need an idea to apply?

Artists are encouraged to submit ideas that are well formed but not necessarily in the area of spatial sound - we’ll help you with that.

Can I propose an existing piece of work? 

Yes, if you are prepared to reimagine the work and adapt it significantly for an online spatial sound system.

Are there other guidelines on what this final work should be?

Proposals can be cross-disciplinary and involve more than one creator or performer, but the central focus of the work must be the presentation of an online immersive sound or music work. Final works must be a minimum 30 minutes in length

How will the residency be formatted and what is the time commitment?

Up to 20 x 1.5 hour online studio sessions will take place between May and August 2020 with Call & Response. Material will be shared digitally between sessions, and each residency schedule will be agreed based on individual availability. Selected artists will work with the digital team to share some of their making process online as part of this residency period and will work with web development support to realize the presentation of their work online as part of Assembly in September 2020.

What does the artist fee cover?

Artist time making the work, online studios sessions, participation in an online workshop programme sharing your process during the residency period and finally presenting the new work online. If the artist proposes to work with collaborators (for example, session musicians, live performers) the project budget remains the same. We are unable to fund the purchase of equipment. 

What is the Sonic Terrains workshop programme?

During the Sonic Terrains residency programme from May to August we will host online introductory workshops via a series of artist-led Zoom group chats where artist discuss their work generally, talk more specifically about their residency and Call & Response talk in more depth about spatial sound practices. Each workshop will have a lead artist and a chair/moderator. The artist can talk freely and the workshop participants have their mics muted but can ask questions at any time in a chat feed, the chair/moderator monitors the chat feed and passes questions along to the artist at appropriate times. 

Can I receive feedback on my application if I’m not successful?

Due to the anticipated volume of applications, we will not be able to offer feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Please note that the decision is final and there is no appeal or reconsideration process.

Sonic Terrains is supported by Jerwood Arts' Development Programme Fund