Lawrence Lek
Somerset House Studios

Lawrence Lek | Mira Benjamin, John Lely & Heather Roche

Part of ASSEMBLY: Christian Marclay

Sat 09 Nov 2019
19.30 - 22.00
£12.00, all 3 nights £30.00
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

Lawrence Lek invites collaborators Seth Scott and Robin Simpson to present a site-specific simulation that acts as an uncanny virtual and sonic double of the performance space. Their performance, Doom, reflects the atmosphere during the Extinction Rebellion protests when Waterloo Bridge -- which the Lancaster Rooms overlook -- was closed to traffic and filled with warning signs of the coming apocalypse.

A collaborative work realised by violinist Mira Benjamin, composer John Lely and clarinettist Heather Roche, Room Song is founded on the interplay of instrumental intonation and environmental acoustics to create an interior 'resonancing' of the outside world.

For the second edition of ASSEMBLY, resident artist Christian Marclay curates a series of intimate musical performances in the Lancaster Rooms responding to the sounds and acoustics of the street outside the Neoclassical building.

Acknowledging and working with the unpredictable activity and noise to define a compositional framework, Marclay invites a series of guests to collaborate in bringing the outdoor inside for an evolving series of electro-acoustic performances. Presented over three nights, six new performances corresponding to Marclay’s sonic vision will be created live in the space, each responding to the concept in a different way.


Sudios resident Lawrence Lek is an artist, filmmaker and musician whose virtual worlds and animated films create alternate versions of real places. Seth Scott is a sound designer and composer whose work explores the politics of sound in space, often in an urban, architectural context. Robin Simpson is a world designer and 3D artist at the AI entertainment company Farsight Corporation.

John Lely is a composer, musician and curator based in London, UK. He composes and improvises with acoustic and electronic objects and instruments. He is co-author, with James Saunders, of Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation (Continuum/Bloomsbury 2012), and since 2005 has co-curated Music We'd Like to Hear.

Mira Benjamin is a Canadian violinist and researcher. Mira is a member of Apartment House, and Lecturer in Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Canadian clarinetist Heather Roche appears regularly as a soloist and chamber musician at European festivals, including the London Contemporary Music Festival, Acht Brücken (Cologne), Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik (Germany), and more. Heather has worked with the Musikfabrik (Cologne), the WDR Symphony Orchestra (Cologne), and the London Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Production by Music Hackspace and sound system by Call & Response, with sound and interaction programming from Black Shuck and Preverbal Studio. Lighting design by KitMapper.

ASSEMBLY is supported by the Adonyeva Foundation and PRS Foundation's The Open Fund and John S Cohen Trust