Listen back to RADIO ASSEMBLY, broadcast from Somerset House Studios with artist shows, discussions, sonic explorations and music from ASSEMBLY and beyond.

Somerset House Studios presented the inaugural ASSEMBLY with five days of sound and performance extolling the best in contemporary electronic and experimental music and the makers behind it. Bringing together Studios artists, international talent and forward-thinking audiences, ASSEMBLY’s multi-disciplinary programme presented newly commissioned works alongside several first performances and UK premieres. 

Summoning Ultrachunk: a conversation with Jennifer Walshe and Memo Akten.

Jennifer Walshe and Memo Akten track the history of vocal synthesis, consider the metaphors of artificial intelligence and introduce their new project: Ultrachunk.


Niloufar Haidari chat to Lafawndah ahead of her show at Somerset House Studios 


A virtual listening room from Nozomu Matsumoto & Nile Koetting


A panel discussion with Jennifer Walshe, Paul Purgas, Andrea Zarza Canova, Frances Morgan exploring how artists can intervene in the archives, using new technologies and disruptive practices to reveal hidden histories and challenge dominant narratives.

Jenna Sutela: V I B I É 

Artist Jenna Sutela’s radio show expands upon her performance nimiia vibié. It includes some of her favorite music and linguistic hallucinations.


Music curated by Ma3azef.com, an Arabic web-magazine dedicated to contemporary Arabic music

International ASSEMBLY

Senior Music Programmer at the British Council, Joel Mills, hosts a conversation with Lorna-Rose Simpson (MOOG Fest), Nikita Rasskazov (V-A-C), Nacho de la Vega (LEV) and Marie McPartlin (Somerset House Studios) on how the internet and technology are shaping the sounds of music.


Terror, power, awe, hitherto darkness brought into the light. A gothic revival or a new ‘Romanticism’ for Brexit Britain? Agnes GryczkowskaVessel and John Bence discuss ritual, extremity and their ASSEMBLY performances with writer Chal Ravens.

AMRA with Paul Purgas & Imran Perretta

Studios residents Paul Purgas and Imran Perretta discuss their debut new audio-visual project, AMRA, commissioned with the support of the Case Foundation. 

Music Hackspace

In the meeting of music and tech, your hosts are Susanna, Harry and Tadeo

Lucy Railton

Drawing on her recent debut album Paradise 94 (Modern Love), composer and cellist Lucy Railton shares influences for a new work presented at ASSEMBLY created in collaboration with artist and Savage Messiah author, Laura Grace Ford.

Moodboard with Manthe Ribane & Kemi Alemoru (Dazed / gal-dem)

Musician and artist Manthe Ribane takes journalist Kemi Alemoru on an audio journey through her state of mind in different scenarios.

Vessel and Rahki

Presenting their musical influences and an exploration into classic experiment musical composition. 


Mark Fisher's K-Punk revisited with Dan Taylor. Known best for his k-punk blog and the incendiary Capitalist Realism, the late cultural theorist Mark Fisher transformed how we understand the interior landscapes and subjective experiences of living in late capitalism.

SIREN present: The Shape Of Sound, In Conversation

SIREN present a conversation between Moonbow, MX World, rkss and MT Hall - four of the artists involved in "The Shape of Sound" - their new installation for Somerset House. The show will look at some of the artists' concepts, influences and approaches to live performance, as well as sharing tracks by the artists themselves.


Global internet-based label Quantum Natives bringing you some madness from London residents Terribilis & Recsund. Expect anything from ambient melodies to breakcore bangerz and everything in-between.

Jacob Samuel’s Eternal Life

A performance by J Samuel and Samuel Kennedy featuring a collage of interviews with Beatrice Dillon, Coby Sey, Ines Camara, Scott Pattinson, Tadej Vindis and Vanessa Omoregie (Camgirls Project). The piece will look into the existence of infinity in the present moment, the relationship of tech and the image of the body, the future of prophecies between them.


In the Deadhouse, beneath the Somerset House courtyard, there's a cage, and some strange sounds ...


Explorations into the NSDOS workshop at ASSEMBLY creating sounds and music through data generated by video-tracking.

Supersonic presents

Lisa Meyer (Supersonic Festival) and Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist) share music from their favourite moments of the UK's DIY and experimental music scene in the last 15 years.

Sunday Church With Ziur

Ziúr selects songs for Sunday