Anna Meredith, Bumps Per Minute album cover shows Anna sitting in a dodgem amongst some sand dunes © Mike Massaro

Bumps Per Minute by Anna Meredith

Taking centre stage in the courtyard is a new interactive artwork from Anna Meredith, a Somerset House Studios resident and Mercury Award-nominated composer and musician.

Bumps Per Minute sees the traditional fairground dodgems ride reinvented into a high-octane interactive sensory experience. As visitors to Dodge race their bumper cars around the track, each bump, scratch and jolt is tracked by bespoke wireless technology, designed in collaboration with BAFTA-winning interaction sound artist and fellow Studios resident Nick Ryan. The frenetic, random manoeuvres of the cars generate a unique audio-visual composition, resulting in explosive three-minute sonic display across the courtyard on the hour (plus the times below*), featuring a new suite of music composed by Anna Meredith.

  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays BPM happens every 30 minutes after 18.00* 
  • On Saturdays and Sundays BPM happens every 30 minutes after 14.30* 

Drawing on the individual collisions of each bumper car, Bumps Per Minute ensures that every performance of the musical composition is different, creating spectacular, climactic musical moments for participants and spectators alike to enjoy around the site.

Dodgems supplied by Carters Steam Fair
Lighting design by GLS Lighting
Sensor design by Kai Lab and Marie Tricaud
Additional sensor engineering - Dave Cranmer
Sound design by Gareth Fry

With thanks to the Adonyeva Foundation and to the founders of Zeyziart, Can and Zeynep Koseoglu, for their kind support towards this commission