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Truth be Told: Zine Making Workshop

Sat 12 Aug 2017
West Wing

Learn what it takes to make a zine and create your own with a screen printed cover led by OOMK.

This workshop explores the growing mistrust of mainstream news by exploring and subverting formal newspaper conventions and using a cut and paste approach employing more DIY style zine formats to convey information. The workshop will look at the relationship between image and text, turning photos into illustrations/collages and employing hand drawn typography to create high impact layouts, as well as screen printing the cover.

In this workshop you will be encouraged to interrogate ideas surrounding ‘the truth’.

You'll be presented with a range of printed articles and statistics from different sources exploring the themes beauty, the environment and conflict. You will select one story and through a series of activities will be prompted to re-­communicate this knowledge using your own creativity and imagination.


OOMK (Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara) has operated since 2013 as an artist collective specializing in print practices exploring intersections of art, activism and publishing. OOMK publishes a biannual zine that explores diasporic activism and the art and identities of women.

OOMK recently completed a residency investigating the future aesthetic, function and user culture of the 'library' at Open School East with Book Works, London resulting in the new publication 'The Library Was'. OOMK co-organises DIY Cultures Festival in East London with Other Asias and currently runs Rabbits Road Press, a community Risograph printing press in East London. For more information about OOMK, please visit or

Suitable for age 18+ only