Somerset House Studios
Sat 10 Aug 2019

No Tea, No Shade

Feat. Shakona Fire, Lasana Shabazz, Tiffany Garçon, Tré Williams, Beige B*tch, Krystal Lake (DJ) + more tba

Sat 10 Aug 2019
20.30 - 00.00

Please note this is an 18+ event.

Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

Performances that hold a mirror up to society and confronting, head-on, issues that are often treated as ‘too difficult’ to talk about, through the disarming yet damning use of drag culture.

Fearless bodies and marginalised identities that unapologetically take up space and call into question their experiences of racism, homophobia, transphobia or just the bullshit microaggressions that come from being Black and/or queer in a white, patriarchal, heteronormative society.

Hosted by Shakona Fire with performances from Lasana Shabazz and Tiffany Garçon, film works by Beige B*tch, and DJ sets from Krystal Lake and SHADEDBYNATURE.  

Please note this is an 18+ event.


Beige B*tch
Nima Séne is a Glasgow based Berliner making interdisciplinary performance and film works. Their practice is often collaborative and rooted in themes of cultural identity and belonging. Séne presented their solo show Beige B*tch with the support of Creative Scotland which had its Scottish premier at Take Me Somewhere Festival in the CCA 22nd & 23rd of May

Beige B*tch is a theatrical live art performance made, performed and directed by Nima Séne. Their artistic influences range from Beckett to Beyoncé creating a vivid collage of pop aesthetics and cultural references. With Beige B*tch, Séne owns and reflectsback the anti–black and white supremacist systemic effects felt by a marginalised experience.

Beige B*tch was commissioned by Contact and Live Art UK Diverse Actions. 

BB Cover Photo (002).jpg

Beige B*tch, image credit: Daniel Hughes


Krystal Lake 
Your girlfriend’s favourite DJ.

Lasana Shabazz is a performance artist, writer and director whose work incorporates theatre, dance, spoken word, visual art. They work in art galleries, theatres, arts festivals, museums, educational institutions Black, queer and QTIPOC art spaces internationally.

They originally trained as an actor at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh which culminated with their first artist residencies with Theatre Company MC theater and Imagine IC in Amsterdam, Holland. This transformed the versatility of their practice and started an immersive journey into interdisciplinary work. Since then they  have received arts residencies internationally with spaces such as The Tate Britain, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Cripping the Stage (Toronto) and Bushwig (New York) to name a few.

Lasana Shabazz.jpg

Lasana Shabazz
Lasana Shabazz

The AX:iomatic club night and workshop has pioneered the scene by bringing together Stockholm’s creative extremes, whether it's well-renowned DJs from the global club underground, local gems or friends of the author hosting and performing. The night has one very clear aim, to incubate new practices directed at minority audiences famished of familiar voices speaking to them outside of the dominating top 40-mainstream. The novel and visionary DJ sets of SHADEDBYNATURE plays with tempo, drawing from contemporary urban music, the forward-pushing experimental and regional club sounds whilst pushing samples into aberrancies creating new styles on the spot.

Shakona Fire has created a blazing talented trail through the drag and cabaret scene. This Barwotever Resident performer has created a number of acts paying tribute to pioneers in the community with a bad bitch twist. With a combination of a highly skilled lipsynch, dance and legs for days this award-nominated artist and lipsynch 1000 finalist has lit a flame that continues to burn bright. Are you ready to have your souls set alight?

Shakona Fire.jpg

Shakona Fire
Shakona Fire

Tré Williams

Tre Williams.jpeg

Tré Williams

Tiffany Garçon is a part of the London Ballroom Scene and a member of the  International Legendary House of Comme Des Garçons. They became a part of the ballroom scene about 2 years ago and have since walked many balls in the category Butch Queen Vogue Femme, some internationally and is known for their "bangy" performance and outfits. They believe that voguing is not only something they enjoy but something that is political as well. They believe that seeing someone who society tells to be masculine, freely expressing themselves through dance in such a feminine way is not only beautiful but a fight against those that wish to silence queer voices and oppress queer expression.

tiffany garcon.jpg

Tiffany Garçon