Wed 10 Jan 2018

GRWM: i wish i was a ghost! a narrator! a disembodied voice!

by Zarina Muhammad

Wed 10 Jan 2018
18.45 - 20.30
River Rooms
New Wing

An intimate new public reading with Zarina Muhammad that explores the gap between the conscious self and the physical body via the phenomenon of the youtube beauty vlogger.

"Yesterday i was making dinner and grating that rly weird plasticy vegan cheese n it was rly quite laborious so i wasn’t paying a attention; so i grated a bit off the top of my finger, right above the nail. it like sliced off a whole bit of my actual finger. it was truly so so gross; n i didn’t expect to but all of a sudden i fainted bc i saw my own blood seeping to the surface. bc i’d cut so deep that it went all the way down beyond the skin to like the white flesh underneath. i’ve never seen under my skin. i didn’t know my flesh under it looked like that and i literally couldn’t handle what i saw, MY flesh, MY body;;;;;"

"Think of this as a chit-chat get ready with me, of sorts. Think of it as peeling back the skin just to have a peep."