A Riot In Three Acts: Live Programme

From 27 Sep 2024

A series of live events and performances to accompany Imran Perretta: A Riot In Three Acts.

The exhibition, A Riot In Three Acts is is accompanied by a series of live events, including eight intimate live performances of Imran Perretta’s original score for a string quartet, A Rquiem for the Dispossessed, performed by the Manchester Camerata orchestra, within the installation.  

A programme of discursive events curated by Rahila Haque also invite artists, designers, architects, activists and academics to gather on the gravel of the replica of Reeves Corner to consider the symbolism, historical narratives and contemporary issues that permeate the installation. Corresponding to the exhibition’s reference to the model of the three-act structure, the programme builds a narrative of interconnectedness from a discrete site in Croydon, to a global civil uprising. 

In response to A Riot in Three Acts, artist and musician Raheel Khan will also lead a 5-day workshop for aspiring artists aged 16-19, prioritising those from underrepresented backgrounds, as part of Somerset House’s Future Artists programme.

A Riot In Three Acts (2024) is commissioned and developed in residence by Somerset House Studios. Requiem for the Dispossessed (2024) is co-commissioned by Somerset House Studios and the Manchester Camerata, by arrangement with NEWFORM MUSIC. Supported by d&b audiotechnik’s Soundscape.