Sat 08 Sep 2018

Designing pride, defying prejudice

Sat 08 Sep 2018
£12.00 /£10.00 concession
Screening Room
South Wing

How can design reshape and respond to global social changes?

From Colombia and Puerto Rico to Australia, a panel of designers from various continents discuss how designers contribute to developments and evolution in their home countries. They consider how emotions of love and pride in design can inspire unity and encourage diversity.


Flynn Talbot [Australia], is an Australian lighting artist and designer based in London. Talbot creates lighting installations and commissioned pieces for galleries, lighting festivals and unique buildings along with innovative lighting products for serial production.

Talbot’s starting point is always the same for each project. He begins with the consideration of the “light effect” and constructs each project around it. Every decision and detail is made with the quality of light and user connection in mind.

David del Valle [Colombia], is co-founder of Tu Taller Design and Director of the annual international event Medellín Design Week. As an industrial designer, he is part of the international collective uAbureau, and a researcher in the fields of digital production, Open Source and new technologies applied to design.

Celina Noguera [Puerto Rico], is the founder and creative strategist of MUUUAA. She has created events of great cultural impact for Puerto Rico, including the International Contemporary Art Fair 'Circa' and the urban art festival 'Graphopoli' for the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. She recently created ‘BOOM: Design, creativity and innovation fair’ with Miguel Miranda and is the editor of the architecture magazine ‘Entorno’.