Sat 08 Sep 2018

Weaving the Social Fabric: defining communities through textile design

Sat 08 Sep 2018
£12.00 /£10.00 concession
Screening Room
South Wing

Design writer Benoît Loiseau will look at the past and present of Latin America to understand how textile design can become a powerful tool that can shape the identity of isolated communities.

Through the stories of Guatemalan and Argentinian designers, Loiseau will examine the experiences of rural villagers and remote tribes from the impenetrable jungle, exploring the duality between the urban and wild environment, ancestral traditions and modernity, violence and hope.


Cecilia Santamarina de Orive [Guatemala], Creative Producer and Ad Honorem Cultural Attaché at the Guatemalan Embassy in UK, has curated a successful variety of projects ranging from art and design to music and live performance, including the Guatemala: Rebooting Dreams at Somerset House International Fashion Showcase in 2016.

Sylvia Denburg [Guatemala], is a textile artist based in Guatemala City. She created her fist business ZYLE while living in NYC, specializing in men’s caps and woven accessories, before moving back to Guatemala, where she re-established her connection with the Guatemalan woven art. Her art relates how weaving is akin to women, and through their art/craft an ancestral history is related.

Diego Olivero [Guatemala], is co-founder of Olivero Bland Studio. Through his practice, he aims to connect people with spaces, products and ideas where they work, relax, live and learn through design; enhancing their living experience. The studio has worked and collaborated in different projects in Guatemala, United States, Brazil, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, and is always looking to generate a positive impact in the communities where the projects are located.

Sebastian Valdivia and Sol Marinucci [Argentina] are curators, designers and TRImarchi’s Co-founder and Director of International Relations, respectively.  Together they work with native communities all around Latin America with the aim to preserve their cultural heritage, crafts and pre-Columbian visual legacy and traditions. Their main activities include the playful textile anthropologic experience “Hombre Lobo”, the Drawing Safaris, and their epic Latin American design meeting “TRImarchi”, which every year gathers thousands of designers in Mar del Plata.

Benoît Loiseau is an art and design writer, sometimes curator, based in Mexico City. He is a regular contributor to Wallpaper*, and his work has also appeared in The Guardian, Frieze and The New York Times T Magazine, amongst others.