STINKHORN by Siôn Parkinson

Thu 19 Mar 2020
19.00 - 19.45
£10.00 / £8.00 concessions

Artist and singer Siôn Parkinson together with musician Sam Annand present a musical performance inspired by the stinkhorn mushroom. 

The stinkhorn is a phallic-shaped mushroom common to Britain’s forests that when ripe emits a powerful smell of rotting meat. It uses this smell to attract flies which are compelled to feed off its slimy cap, thus helping the mushroom disperse its spores.

For this special event in the Deadhouse beneath Somerset House, Parkinson and Annand have worked with scent designer Clara Weale, founder of Glasgow-based fragrance design studio Arboretum, to develop a scent that will accompany their live performance. Combining voice, Theremin, modular synth, and scent, Parkinson and Annand will conjure a mushroom-rich environment that moves between sound and smell, fertility and decay.

‘Mushroom dress’ (2019) for Siôn Parkinson designed by Matty Bovan. The performance will be seated, please contact if you have any access requirements.