With Skincare By Origins 

Our exclusive exhibition shop includes a range of original and inspired gifts for all ages, with skincare products, clothing, prints, accessories, collectibles, homewares, books and stationery.

Discover Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Relief & Resilience, a mushroom powered skincare line.

You’ll also find a unique collaboration – the Origins Mega Mushroom Treatment Lotion with 'Mushrooms Motif’ design from exhibiting artist Alex Morrison available exclusively from our Mushrooms Shop here at Somerset House.

This limited-edition product is also available in a collection, with the new Mega Mushroom Soothing Gel Cream for Eyes and Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Cream. Products are presented in an environmentally friendly gift box made from birch plywood with a fully compostable mushroom mycelium tray that degrades within 45 days.

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