Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace Workshop – Build a synthesizer with Tara Pattenden

Sat 01 Jul 2017
New Wing

Build your own Lerango drone machine with Tara Pattenden. 


This workshop is suitable for beginners and anyone interested in electronics and DIY instrument design.

The Lerango Drone is an electronic instrument that produces drones and atonal rhythms. It features three oscillators each with their own pitch and volume control.
• 3 Oscillators.
• Pitch control for each oscillator.
• Volume control for each oscillator.
• 6.5″ jack output.

Building it yourself will give you the opportunity to tune and experiment with the sound making your own unique instrument. You will learn to solder, read schematics and gain an understanding of basic electronics.

The workshop will be lead by Tara Pattenden. Tara is an artist and instrument maker and educator who has been working in sound and electronic media for the past 20 years. She performs with Goodiepal and Pals, the fckn bstrds and solo as Phantom Chips. With her Phantom Chips project she makes her own wearable synthesizers that can be stretched and squeezed to create sound, and in this workshop she will be presenting her Lerango drone machine.