'density' by Koo Jeong A

13 Nov 2019 – 12 Jan 2020
The Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

Visitors to Skate this year can experience a hyperreal floating ice sculpture in the courtyard around London’s most beautiful ice rink.

Take out your phone and explore a new artwork from Somerset House resident artist Koo Jeong A, animating the courtyard with a beautifully realised 3D ice cube that glistens and reflects the wintery surroundings.

This mesmerising augmented reality work can only be viewed at Somerset House, challenging the boundaries of the imaginary and the real, and opening up a new realm for exhibitions and the viewing of art.

The work of Koo Jeong A incorporates derivative objects with the capacity for transformation, still and moving images, sound and scent.

density (2019) was commissioned by Somerset House resident organisation Acute Art, a leading partner for contemporary art production in virtual and augmented reality, making original digital artworks accessible to all.

How to view density

1. Download the Acute Art app using this QR code

or download here:

2. Select Koo Jeong A, density and press play

3. Scan the area around this sign, tap the centre of your screen (where the white square appears)

4. Explore the AR sculpture through your smartphone viewfinder

For optimal viewing conditions, visit the site in daylight hours and remember to point your camera downwards (at the ground) to orient the app before positioning your camera at eye level.