Kayla Painter
Thu 05 Dec 2019
Skate Lates

EAT YOUR OWN EARS: Kayla Painter

Thu 05 Dec 2019
Sessions from 20.00
£17.00 + one-off transaction fee per order
The Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

An unforgettable experience for late-night skaters and music lovers, Skate Lates features leading DJs on the rinks-side decks.

Depending on where you land in Kayla Painter’s universe, the outlook could be very different. From one angle, she sculpts subversive rhythm tracks that play on club tropes while crackling with an energy sourced elsewhere.

You might just as easily find yourself enshrouded in one of her textural studies – beatless soundscapes too sharply defined to be deemed ‘ambient’. Often she strikes in between these extremes, using micro-sampling and musique concrete principles to propel her unique clusters of sounds.

Painter runs with the genre-agnostic mood of the times and refuses to be bound by style, but there is a pastoral sensitivity that binds her disparate works together.

After you’ve been on the rink, sit back, warm up and enjoy a drink in the Skate Lounge, home to the Baileys Treat Bar where you can continue to enjoy the atmosphere and music, or head to the Fortnum’s Lodge bar, where a range of cocktails are on offer throughout the evening.