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This Bright Land | Audio Commissions

At the centre of This Bright Land, a spectacular 35m Observation Wheel offers new perspectives on the city, both physically and symbolically. The wheel will rise over Somerset House’s iconic dome to reveal breath-taking, rare views of the capital’s skyline from a new central London viewpoint.

A Story of Us - Mina Salimi

‘A Story of Us’, created by Mina Salimi, a British-Iranian film director, is a soundscape commissioned by Somerset House, for the observation wheel of This Bright Land festival.

In the first glance ‘A Story of Us' is uncanny conversations between a British ex-pilot, an Afghan journalist, a Ukrainian dancer, and…Londoners who often sit in the tube with no interaction, here talk about difficult and intimate subjects with one another.  But do they? Yes and no. The artist, Mina Salimi, recorded each interview separately. In fact none of the individuals met each other. Yet their voices are arranged like pieces of a puzzle as if they are in the same space. Not only do they converse, but also they connect with one another empathically. This fabrication of reality that is interwoven seamlessly suggests the possibility of connection between people from all walks of life. In a big city like London, where isolation is a daily experience for many, this is reminding audiences that we have more in common than that which divides us.

Credits & Biography

Director, Producer, Editor: Mina Salimi
Executive Producer: Carson McColl
Associate producer: Martin Joyce
Sound Designer: Dan Hibbert

Mina Salimi is a British-Iranian artist and film director based in London. With an MFA from Goldsmiths University, her practice varies between film, sound installation, and sculpture. She previously created the same principle of ‘A Story of Us’ in a feature film, “Mosaic of Seven Colours” where she arranged actors who have never met in real life to interact with one another. In mosaic-like arrangement of individuals whether in fiction or documentary she explores the possibility of connection between those who are otherwise not connected. Seamless fabrication of these puzzles often create a new narrative with a fresh perspective that engages the audience. 

As part of this, Somerset House brings you Voices of Tomorrow produced by seven young people and Audio Producer, Harry Murdoch, to create a dynamic, heartfelt soundscape. Voices of Tomorrow is a platform for young people to express and share their experiences and beliefs that they have when thinking about the capital and their interpretations of family. The soundscape has been generously supported by the Kusuma Trust. 


Participant Producers:
Inayia Angel Beddelem
Zipporah Burrell
Kieran Dell
Lewis Dunkley
Solar Flight
Samuel Howe
Sonia Shi

Delivery Team:
RHYAN JORDAN – Assistant Producer/ Musician
Harry Murdoch – Audio Producer
Mathilda Taylor – Assistant Producer