Unorthodocs Special: An Evening with Peter Broderick

Wed 12 Apr 2017
19.00 - 20.30
£10.00 / £8.00 conc
Screening Room
South Wing

In association with Dartmouth Films, creators of our immensely popular Unorthodocs programme distribution expert Peter Broderick discusses the changing face of the documentary film industry.  

With the rise of streaming, Netflix and the democratisation of HD cameras over the last ten years the world of documentaries has transformed. Scores of films are being made and new methods are being devised to bring them to audiences. The Unorthodocs programme by Somerset House residents Dartmouth Films is a part of this revolution.

One man at the centre of this transformation is American Peter Broderick a distribution expert who has guided hundreds of film makers on how to get their films to as many people as possible. This one-off Unorthodocs special is a rare opportunity to hear from Peter directly when he will he give a master class on the new world of documentary distribution. If you have made a documentary, want to make one or are just interested in how the creative economy works, join us for a fascinating and informative evening exploring the current landscape of an evolving industry.